Petronila Encarnacion Syquia was the wife of Vicente Ruperto Romero Syquia.  They were married on June 9,1853 in the church of San Vicente de Ferrer in the town of San Vicente, Ilocos Sur.  In all probability, it was a marriage arranged by Jose Lecaroz Garcia, a relative of Vicente who had already established himself in Vigan, had converted to Catholicism and hispanized his Chinese name as Vicente would have done before being allowed to marry Petronila.  

Not much is known about Petronila including her birthdate.  She was a Chinese mestiza from Vigan and her parents were Gil Encarnacion and Ruperta Singson.  As was the custom, Petronila brought a sizable dowry to her marriage which may have allowed Vicente to start his business in Vigan in which she was very much involved.  Petronila and Vicente had five children -Apolinaria, Gregorio, Pedro, Juan and Maria.  She died on June 6, 1906.


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