In the caida, there is a large piece of furniture that stands guard at the bottom of the stairs.  This is the bastonero and its name is derived from a function it serves: it is where gentlemen callers can leave their walking sticks or bastons.  It was a most important piece of furniture as it immediately showed the family’s wealth and social status.

The bastonero at the Syquia Mansion has a rectangular mirror in the middle to allow guests to make a last-minute check on their appearances before heading up the stairs.  It is flanked on both sides by two interlocking circular carvings and topped by a floral topper.  It has hooks from which one can hang their hat or coat and a table with a curvilinear edge on which other items may be left and a shelf close to the floor where the walking sticks are laid down.      

This particular bastonero was restored by Carlota "Nenita" C. Syquia, a great granddaughter of Gregorio and Estefania Syquia.  

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