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Rosangis (Pin Head Clams in Corn Oil)


Pin head clams in oil, is a seasonal delicacy of llocos Sur.  Best served with crackers, pasta or rice.  The clams can be added to your favorite seafood stew or pasta recipe.

Care for a taste of the sea? Try our Rosangis, harvested clams straight from the sea, preserved for you and bottled with love. Our clams are seasonal delicacies. They come from Caoayan, where waters from the Abra river meet the sea. Our clams are gathered during the rainy season, cleaned, cooked and preserved in corn oil.

Our traditional Ilocano vegetable dish called dinengdeng has the Rosangis, but over the years people have found them equally appetizing when used for pasta, crackers, bread and rice.

Made by our partner community from Caoayan, Ilocos Sur