Tienda Ti Mansion

Suka Iloko


Sold in 750ml bottles.

Sukang Iloko is a locally fermented cane sugar traditionally fermented in burnay jars. It is dark, aromatic and with a just the right blend of strength, sour and sweetness.

Sukang Iloko stands out as one of the many products people who know Vigan look for. Its distinct tartness, gives just the right punch to many favourite recipes and dips. Sukang Iloko comes from the local molasses (a by-product of sugar cane) combined with different herbs and spices.

This mixture is first kept in burnay jars sealed with banana leaves where it is first consumed as basi, a local wine. After a certain period of time, the basi sours and develops into vinegar.

Although somewhat similar, apple cider vinegar and even sherry vinegar pale in comparison to the robust flavour of Sukang Iloko.